My name is Nikki, and I would like to welcome you to Nikkilicious Nails. I have a passion for nails, and making nails look like art.  I have had many, many compliments on my nails, and I want to share them with you. My nails give me confidence, and I want to share that confidence with others.

If you purchase a set of  nails, I automatically include nail glue. Keep in mind, if you want the nails to last longer, use nail glue. If you want to where them temporarily, use adhesives (which are not included, but can be found anywhere that sells nail supplies)

I also do requests. If you want something specific, or want my designs but with different color combinations, that can be arranged. Just send me a message explaining what you want, and we will go from there.  Keep in mind, if I am painting nails from scratch, they do required at least 24 hours to dry before they are packaged. As for the jewelery, same thing. They take at least 24 hours to dry, then I can assemble them. Be patient when ordering, because painting nails does take time.
When ordering, please specify when you need the nails done by. This way can do the nails that are needed sooner, first.

**There is a delivery fee of $5**

**Keep in mind that it is only me doing nails. So serious orders only please. I do not want to do nails, and then you end up changing your mind. A lot of time goes into making these one of a kind nails. I don't mind holding nails for 2 weeks, but after that, they will go up for sale, unless you give me a specific date you want them for*

General Information

I am a freelance nail art designer and artist. I can do anything, and requests can be made. I include 20 nails, 10 different sizes. I also provide nail glue.  So for one of a kind nails, make sure to stop by my facebook page. New designs are posted frequently! 2013 will bring new features and products to Nikkilicious Nails.These will include various party packages, my own cosmetic and bath and body line, my own clothing line, and more. So if this interests you, like my page :)
I provide unique, one of a kind nails, and the best prices in town :)


I've created this website to share the beauty of nail art on acrylic nails. These nails range from basic and simple designs, too extreme 3D designs. There is a design for everyone, and requests can be made. Either, you can request a certain design, or if there is a design you like, but want different colors, that can be arranged for you.

My purpose is to make people happy, and feel beautiful, and to give you confidence by showing off your new nails. :)

Gel Nails​​
If interested, please contact me via email, phone or facebook, and we can set up a date and time! 
To see more pictures of gel nails I have done, click here.​


Nikkilicious Nails strives on being "Cruelty Free". To help support animals in need, I am selling animal themed nails. Each set is $20, and $5 off of each set that's sold will be added up at the end of each month, and will be donated to PETA. "Animal Rights" nails will be available to purchase on Febuary 1st 2013.