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These are all originals done by me. They are available to purchase. If you are interested, leave me an email.

All of my paintings are done using acrylic paint. In some of my artwork, I have incorporated acrylic nails.
Circular Abstract ~ $45
(16in x 20in)
Geometric ~ $45
(16in x 20in)
Pixelated Skull ~ $20
(8in x 10in)
Red Sugar Skull with Gems ~ $40
(12in x 16in)
The Beauty Within ~ $35
Rainbow Butterfly ~ $20
(8in x 10in)
If Looks Could Kill ~ $40
(12in x 16in)
Inspire Butterfly - $30
Breast Cancer Butterfly - $30
Fly Free, Live Life, Be True To Yourself Paintings
Blue and Red - $30 (9in x 12in)
Pink and Purple - $20 (8in x 10in)
Inspirational Artwork
$20 (5in x 7in)
NOT for sale
I am open to taking requests! I love being challenged with new projects. If there is something specific you would like me to paint, send me your ideas, pictures etc.
For more pictures of other art work and paintings I have done, click here.‚Äč